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“I cannot change the whole world alone, but I promise to change every single part of my world everywhere I go.”
-Miss Edie

Known worldwide as Miss Edie, Edith Rajna is one of the top TikTok creators in Canada, an Instagram Influencer, YouTube creator, an author, and so much more. Utilizing her unique gifts, understanding of tarot, people, faith, and astrology, Miss Edie assists individuals in navigating toward their divine destiny.


She is a Hungarian-Canadian, based in Toronto Ontario, who has built her empire from the ground, up into Miss Edie Inc. She is an entrepreneur, global volunteer, international speaker, author, humanitarian, philanthropist & spiritual consultant. Miss Edie holds degrees & has studied Criminology & Justice Law, Specialized Forensic Sciences, and multiple Astrological Psychology courses.

Passionate about giving, and being of service in all areas of her life, she has performed more than two dozen mission trips. Through her travels & experiences, she has gained an understanding of healing energies, frequencies, & crystal therapies. This, as well as her personal spiritual journey & experiences with unique cultures, allows her to connect with clients on their own healing journey.


Her vision: to help billions of people and future generations find healing, self-love, success, and global acceptance.


Her mission: to assist those seeking guidance in understanding their unique situations through spiritual exploration and to encourage them to lift themselves up from their darkest moments, spread their wings, and break their chains of limitation.

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